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How to be an affiliate?

Start with visiting Regnow.com at https://www.regnow.com/signup/affiliate?auto_vendor=13265. Complete an online sign-up form, you will receive affiliate ID via email. Joining is free and getting started is simple, RegNow provides a safe and effective online purchasing solution. Get custom build of our products and start make money!

What is RegNow custom build?

All our products have custom build, we offer 30%-50% commission and all new affiliates are automatically approved. All these products have trial versions that allow users download and try it. You will be provided with special ordering URLs that are unique to your Web site. You will receive 30%-50% commission for every copy sold from your URL. We provide custom version building of RegNow.
  • Use RegNow Trialware. Download RegNow Trialware and host it, or just simply link to RegNow custom builds. For example, download link of Allok MPEG4 Converter custom version should be:
    http://www.regnow.com/trialware/download/ Download_allok_mpeg4converter-trial.exe?item=13265-18&affiliate=XXXXXX,
    where XXXXXX is your RegNow ID.

PAD files of our products

RegNowID Products PAD
13265-27 Allok Video Converter http://www.alloksoft.com/videoconverter.xml
13265-26 Fast AVI MPEG Joiner http://www.alloksoft.com/fastjoiner.xml
13265-25 Fast AVI MPEG Splitter http://www.alloksoft.com/fastsplitter.xml
13265-24 Allok AVI DivX MPEG to DVD Converter http://www.alloksoft.com/avimpeg2dvd.xml
13265-23 Allok Video to DVD Burner http://www.alloksoft.com/video2dvd.xml
13265-22 Allok MP3 to AMR Converter http://www.alloksoft.com/mp3amr.xml
13265-21 Allok 3GP PSP MP4 iPod Video Converter http://www.alloksoft.com/3gppspipod.xml
13265-20 Allok Video to FLV Converter http://www.alloksoft.com/flvconverter.xml
13265-19 Allok Video to MP4 Converter http://www.alloksoft.com/mp4converter.xml
13265-18 Allok MPEG4 Converter http://www.alloksoft.com/mpeg4converter.xml
13265-17 Allok RM RMVB to AVI MPEG DVD Converter http://www.alloksoft.com/rmconverter.xml
13265-16 Allok QuickTime to AVI MPEG DVD Converter http://www.alloksoft.com/qtconverter.xml
13265-15 Allok Video to 3GP Converter http://www.alloksoft.com/3gpconverter.xml
13265-14 Allok Video to PSP Converter http://www.alloksoft.com/pspconverter.xml
13265-13 Allok Video to iPod Converter http://www.alloksoft.com/ipodconverter.xml
13265-7 AVI MPEG WMV RM to MP3 Converter http://www.alloksoft.com/rm2mp3.xml
13265-6 WMV to AVI MPEG DVD WMV Converter http://www.alloksoft.com/wmv.xml
13265-5 Allok MOV Converter http://www.alloksoft.com/mov.xml
13265-4 Allok AVI to DVD SVCD VCD Converter http://www.alloksoft.com/avi2dvd.xml
13265-3 Allok Video Joiner http://www.alloksoft.com/joiner.xml
13265-2 Allok Video Splitter http://www.alloksoft.com/splitter.xml
13265-1 Allok AVI MPEG Converter http://www.alloksoft.com/vc.xml

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I look forward to hearing from you. Contact us with mail: [email protected]
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